Kyle Baugh Racing

Driver: Kyle Baugh

Age: 22

Location: Trenton, OH

Team: Kinnie Baugh, Paula Baugh, Jessica Baugh, and Chandler Baugh

Family operated program that started with my father racing mini stocks and latemodels in Indiana and Ohio put a pause on his racing career on pause and turned the wheel over to me in 2003.                                                     

2003’ I started racing go-karts in 2003 at the age of 10. I raced a Briggs dirt go-kart, (purple plate) on banked dirt in Middletown, Ohio. My first race ever in a car I finished second, the weekend following I got my first race win. Later that season I ended up winning the purple plate championship, in my first season of racing.With multiple wins and a championship at the end of the year I instantly became addicted to racing and knew this was the sport that I wanted to put my complete focus into.

2004’ The next season after that I continued to race dirt at the same track and moved up into a blue plate class with more competitors and stronger competition, I continued to succeed with heat and feature wins, ending up 2nd in points in my second full racing season. I was noticed at the track as a clean, patient competitor and was asked by a Road Course Go-Kart Team owner Steve Smith, out of Sharonville Ohio to compete in a road course Briggs go-kart. I jumped into one of his Karts, under Courtney Hannah Racing. It was like a complete different world of racing. I learned the fundamentals of being smooth on a road course track, and the true meaning of “hitting your marks.” I ran the last half of the 2004 season in the Ohio Valley Karting Association, gaining tons of experience, and had a new look on what it takes to be a front runner.

2005’ I started racing full time road course racing in a 100cc Yamaha in Camden, Oh, Circleville, Oh and New Castle, in running the complete OVKA Karting Sportsman Yamaha schedule. I ran with some of the best road course racers in the nation and Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky area. The 100cc karts were a lot faster than the Briggs karts and how you had to get off every corner to be able to get a good run down the straits. Ending the Season with a 7th place points finish out of 27 drivers.

2006’We sold our road racing equipment and got back to what me and my dad knew best oval racing.This time we moved to Asphalt. We bought a Mini-cup race car which is raced in the National MMRA division and local IKO Series. Nationally I had a fast qualifier and 2ndplace finish at Shenandoah Speedway in Virginia and the Eastern Grand National Race at Friendship Motor Speedway in North Carolina had a 3rd place run out of the top 15 drivers in the Nation. I ended up 3rd nationally out of 41 drivers in my first year. Locally my first local race was at Sportsdrome Speedway in Indiana where I jumped out to an early lead for my first Minicup win. That season brought many victories and a 2nd place finish in local IKO points standings. We learned a lot about Asphalt Oval racing and the Minicup race car and towards the end of 2006 felt well prepared for the 2007 race season.

2007’ I continued racing Mini-cups in both divisions. The National Schedule kicked off in Bronson Speedway Florida. We earned a 2ndplace finish and two 1st place national wins during our speedweeks. Our season closer in Shenandoah Speedway Virginia we also earned a 1st place finish and finished 2nd in national points out of 36 drivers, 2 points short of first.

2008’ We ran MMRA Baby Grand nationally only. This was my first time in a manual transmission race car that ran a speeds over 100 mph. We instantly were top runners in the series at start of the season. Our Speedweeks kicked off again at Bronson Speedway in Florida. We swept the weekend in qualifying fast time in all 3 races, with a 1st place finish and 2nd place finishes. The next schedule race was at Beach Bend Raceway in Kentucky where we again earned a 1st place qualifying position and 2ndplace National Feature win. Followed by Nashville Fairgrounds the next night with a 3rdplace finish. This ended our MMRA Baby Grand racing season, only competed in 5 national races in 2008 because of the series starting to fold we sold our car early. We had a perfect season going and had a very good chance to win the National Points Title with one race to go, but we are a underfunded team and chose to make the decision to pull out of the points standings while in first to better the future for my racing career. That year we did not finish worst then 3rd place!

2009’ we raced our first Legends Car Season, racing in the Fast Midwest Semi Pro Division formally KOI Legends but under new management. Legends in my personal opinion are the ultimate race car to be trained in, they feel overpowered and keep you on the edge of the seat at all times. Only one way to race a legend and that’s loose. Nationally in 600 racing we finished 15th out of over 700 drivers across the world. If we would of raced one more race we would have been able to finish 10th overall but only completed 24/25 races. Locally we ran 2nd in points and overall Legends Rookie of the Year for the Fast Midwest Legends Series. Also tied for 1st place in Anderson Speedway Legend points. ALSO I drove a Mini-Sprint for Foz Racing at Union County Dirt Track with a 4th Place finish in my first time sitting in the car.

2010’ we continued in the Semi-Pro Series in the Legends. Due to the economy and funds we were forced to race a part time schedule. We took it as time to race for fun, and to really enjoy what we are truly blessed to be able to do weekly. I learned a lot about myself that year as a driver and competitor, running in 100 lap races, and 50 lap races. How to conserve the car for the long run and be patiently aggressive. We earned 5 class wins, multiple fast times, and heat wins.

2011’ Last race season we moved up to the Pro Division top division in Legend Cars racing. 2011 and 2010 were very similar and raced a part time schedule having fun. Again winning feature races, and earning fast times and heat wins. We ran 15/25 races to complete a season. Nationally finishing 72nd out of 289 drivers. Out of my 15 races I never finished worst then 4thplace out of 20+ car fields. Had a very consistent year ALSO Also drive USAC Ford Focus Midget at Columbus Motor Speedway for Alfrey Motorsports in 2011.

2012' Ran Pro in Legend Cars with Fast Midwest series with wins at Columbus Speedway, Rock Castle Speedways, fast time at Anderson Speedway, almost resulted in a new track record. At the End of 2012 we sold the legends car to prepare to move up to Pro Cup Cars for 2013.

2013' moved into full size steel bodied stock cars. In a former hooters pro cup car. We raced only two races first at Shenandoah Speedway. At that race we started tail of the 20 car field and raced our way up to 3rd in around 75 laps. On a restart with 10 to go we got tagged and spun finishing 11th. Second race was Columbus Motor Speedway where we ran 7th. The rest of

2013 we took of for the birth of my son.

2014' was a real struggle. Never got to turn a lap of a race. We started at Columbus Motor Speedway and was very excited to be kicking the year off at a track we have had success at in legends. During first practice the rear end broke ending our day early. Fixing that we headed to the next race at CNB Raceway Park. Practice went well but during qualifing we broke a rocker arm and ended our season.

2015' recently sold the super cup car and are in search for a CRA Sportsman Latemodel. reason for the switch was the cost to travel. We needed to find a series closer to home. Looking forward to getting this put together and getting back on track.